Netgear Range Extender – Methods to Connect

Netgear Range Extender – Methods to Connect

There are three different methods to connect the Netgear Range Extender to your device.  Using any a method you will become able to reach local address which helps you to manage the settings of your extender. 

Netgear Range Extender WPS Method

If you are looking for the easier method to connect Range Extender then you must go with WPS method. It takes your hardly few seconds but the condition is, your device should be compatible with WPS method. A device supporting to WEP can never be connected to the WPS supporting device. In order to connect your device and Range Extender, you should first find the WPS method on each device.  The Extender’s WPS button is located on its side panel. 

Netgear Range Extender

Make sure your device is connected to the Router. Plug in your Extender and let its LED become stable green. Simultaneously, press the WPS button on your router and Extender.   It will be connected instantly and show the web page on your device screen. There is no need to get disappointed if your screen is not displaying the same, you can browse the manually. 

Following the instructions, you will reach the mywifiext Net Login page, Confirm the login details as

Username: admin

Password: admin

The details are to be written in the case sensitive. Click on the Login and you will be connected. The extender will show your network and extender together for example Netgear_EXT.

Netgear Range Extender Configuration

Another way to connect your WiFi Range Extender, plug in your Extender in the power outlet make sure your wifi range extender should be placed nearby the Router.  Your WiFi Range Extender will automatically connect to the Router. When you open your device and check the wifi network names. It will be showing your Network Name and Extender name together.  Look at the image:

Click on this by providing the security key and you will be connected. For your satisfaction, you can check the Range Extender indicating light will start blinking on getting the connection. 

To access Extender login page, go to your browser and search for mywifiext Net. If it is not giving results then find Confirm mywifiext Net Login as given above if you set a new password then fill the new password and you will be connected.

Netgear Range Extender Configuration Using Ethernet Cable

When you find the other two ways are unable to access then you can choose the Ethernet cable. This method is compatible with the Range Extender having LAN port.

Following this method, you need to connect your Device to your Range Extender. The one end of LAN cable should be attached to the Range Extender and connect it’s another end to the Device. Look at the indicator light will start blinking to indicate you about the proper setup.  

As usually get your device to access mywifiext Net Login and reach to the settings.

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